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25 years of experience

  “La sapienza è figliola della sperienza.”

   "Knowledge is the daughter of the expirience."
                                                                 Leonardo Da Vinci

Our company was born in 1995 with the target of manufacturing tools to make tubes; during these years we have increased our experience and we could solve many problems related to this field. So, now we can offer a wide range of solutions for tube components, and after a continuous R&D we can propose:
  • tube bended and shaping in JUST ONE PIECE
  • LOW inner roughness in order to guarantee the best flow and control of the fluids
  • CERTIFIED welding process for high pressure tubular elements 

Our production concerns all kinds of tube working (automatic cutting, bending), all the mechanical working made with tools (shearing, drilling, deep-drawing, shaping, etc…), tapering till a diameter of max D 80 mm, swaging till a maximum of  D 80 mm, tig-mig-robotic welding, braze welding, forming, then surface finishing like buffing, chromium plating, varnishing on stainless steel, passivations, brightening, etc.


Be in the market for 25 years and be focused on the tube components.
This is the support that RICOS offers for the best solution.


The Technical solution, the quality in the manufacturing and the logistic service level in all the routing steps:

  • Project check
  • Sampling
  • Pre-serie
  • Manufacturing


The cheaper solution.
We offer a complete manufacturing routing in order to have short supply chain and ensure the best service level and quality.


Design the best processes and technologies for the project or the product with the best equipment.

Your idea will be our the best way



We are available to share our experience with the designer for the best result!

From the prototype to the pre-serie.
From the technical meeting to the kick off of the production.
We can support you and be a partner!

Lean process for cheap results!






Ricos S.r.l.

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