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25 years of experience

  “La sapienza è figliola della sperienza.”

   "Knowledge is the daughter of the expirience."
                                                                 Leonardo Da Vinci

International specialist in the manufacturing of metal tubes and tooling

Founded in 1995, Ricos was initially involved in the manufacturing and supplying of tooling for tube manufacturing purposes. During the years, Ricos had the chance to grow, improve and specialize. The experience and knowledge in the tube sector make Ricos also become a well-known specialist in the manufacturing of tubes made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or copper.

Technological innovation, the expansion of the internal machine park, the professional development of Ricos people, and an increasing improvement of the service allow Ricos to established itself as a strong reality in the industry.

Ricos is now able to supply a complete and performing service to all the clients. The starting analysis of the project made in our Research and Development Department, the production, the assembly, the protective packaging, and the final transportation. In the meantime, many processing available to satisfy even the most complex demands.

Ricos know-how


More than 25 years of experience, a constant focus on tubular components, and ongoing research towards the most innovative solutions. Being in the industry for many years, we are aware of what we can do, and the wide range of possibilities that we can give to our clients.


We support the client during the whole process. The research for the right technical solution, the quality of our products, the precision of the manufacturing process, all these elements characterize our performances.


We guarantee a complete lean process that shortens the supply chain and the logistics chain while ensuring value and quality to the product. Thanks to an initial in-depth analysis we suggest the most cost-saving and innovative solution.



Cutting-edge tooling and precise attention to the market’s needs allow the development of new processes and innovative technologies fitting the project. We believe in the ongoing development to realize products that can easily face modern challenges.

Ricos as a strategic partner


Ricos is extremely proud of its story and of all the achievements in the last years. We are also fully convinced that to be successful we need to pursue the complete and ongoing satisfaction of our Clients, supplying high-quality products and services, safe and reliable. The needs and expectations of our clients must be identified, translated into requirements, and then fulfilled.

In Ricos, people are an essential element for success and final achievements. Within the company, constant attention is paid to compliance with safety standards, and constant professional training is encouraged. A trained, active, trained, and team-oriented staff is the key to our production.


Total Quality Document

ISO 9001 - Certification by TÜV Rheinland

Ricos owns a Quality Management System certified by TÜV Rheinland.

A significant certification for our everyday engagement towards great results and an international assurance for our customers.

TÜV Rheinland - Italy

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