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Components for the cycling industry

Frames for the folding electric bike

Tube components are involved also in the E-mobility sector, where all the attention is posed to weight and structural strength. Fast movements, savings of time and money, and a green approach to life. Three elements that describe a product already present in the everyday life of so many people.

RICOS proposes itself as a reference point in the supply of aluminum frames for folding bikes, obtaining the desired deformation without changing the internal features of the material.

This kind of bike is made available thanks to specific machining on the frame that allows a reduction of its original dimensions with the chance of carrying it by hand.

We want to support our customers and cooperate with them in the realization of an excellent balance between extreme deformation and initial investment.

aluminium frame for e-bike

Profile 60 x 30 mm, made of aluminium T6060. Only one deformation process and no material colapsing.

aluminium structurefor folding bike

Metal frame in stainless steel realized with just one deformation step, without welding.

aluminium frame for folding bike

Structural component realized with a double process of 3D laser cutting and extreme deformation.

aluminium frame for e-bike

Detail of an aluminum frame for folding bikes created with the automated welding process.

If you want to receive more information about our tube hydroforming service or a personalized quote, send us your requests using the form below, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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