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Components for the taps and fittings industry

Taps and mixers

Tube components in the water flow sector need attention in the aesthetic details and in the precision of the coupling parts.
In the taps and faucets industry, Ricos specializes especially in the manufacturing of dispensers and faucets. In this specific industry, the need is to have a shape with a refined and functional design, with precise finishes and processing.

Some elements that characterize our products for taps and mixers:

  • The possibility of manufacturing a PCB housing for electronic faucets/taps;
  • The creation of a small bending centerline radius, equal to the tube diameter and without wrinkles and bumps with tight bends;
  • The possibility of processing the internal surface of the tube to avoid welding and pore formation;
  • The material used is usually the stainless steel AISI 314

In addition to high-quality bending, our components are characterized by precise end tube machining, pre-finishing items and high-quality welding.

A wide range of personalized items is available with a great definition for any detail.

stainless steel tube with PCB

Taps made of stainless steel (AISI 316 - 1.4401) with a diameter of 30 mm and a center-line bending radius of 30 mm. With a built-in panel for PCB and a precise coupling, the quality is at its highest level.

stainless steel tube for taps and fittings

Tap made of stainless steel (AISI 316 - 1.4401, AISI 304 - 1.4301). Specific aesthetic attention to the welding process and the mechanical finishing is a fine thread. 

stainless steel tube for faucets

Detail of a tube tab, with a fine thread as mechanical finishing.

accoppiamento tubi per miscelatore coupling tubes for mixers and taps

Stainless steel (AISI 316 - 1.4401) item realized with two tubes Ø50 mm and Ø 28 mm with a centerline radius of 30 mm. Welded coupling, high aesthetic quality and small bending centerline radius (equal to the diameter).

If you want to receive more information about our tapware components or a personalized quote, send us your requests using the form below, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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