Equipment four the bending process

The bending die

Throughout the process of tube bending, different elements must be taken into consideration. All these elements take on great importance in the final realization of the bent tube. For instance, it is relevant whether the right machine is available or not, the presence of a wide range of tooling, constant control of the whole process, and qualified people working in the field.

At RICOS, what sets us apart is the internal ability to create end products and, in the meanwhile, to realize the specific tooling for the tapering machinery.

It is possible to find a bending die in any bending machine because each bending radius chosen by the customer matches a specific die, realized following the features of the particular tube, as the diameter or the bending radius desired.

Realize the suitable bending die means to realize a perfectly bent tube. The perfectly bent tube leads then to the satisfaction of the customer, our foremost goal.

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