Surface Finishing

At the end of the production process, the final activity of finishing plays an important role. The main aim of this process is the creation of a product with a better aesthetic shape and, at the same time, functionality.
When it comes to the final finishing for steel, stainless steel, and aluminium, RICOS relies on external and qualified partners with years of experience in the field on whom we lay by great confidence.

Chrome plating

The chrome plating consists of an outer shell made of chrome whose purpose is to guarantee total protection from dust and external agents. Chrome plating as a final surface finishing gives the item a great aesthetic result while improving the surface's resistance and helping against corrosion.


Sandblasting is a mechanical process that consists of the use of an abrasive mixture in order to erode the surface, creating a product characterized by smooth, homogeneous surfaces with no trace of residues. The purpose of this process is to make the surfaces uniform in such a way as to prepare them for all other final surface processes.

Light cleaning

A light cleaning made with saturated steam at 150° allows the realization of a cleaned product without affecting the material quality. The cleaning process plays an important role when talking about zirconium copper chrome as some sectors require the internal molecular structure to be unchangeable and for this reason, the cleaning process needs to be light.

Pickling and passivation

For stainless steel, two different finishing can be pickling and passivation. This process allows the cleaning up of the tube, avoiding the oxidation of the material, for better aesthetic results and an evolved functionality.

Low roughness

Low roughness until 0,4 µm is one of the main features of our production. This specific capacity to reach a very low roughness allows Ricos to work together with companies in peculiar sectors, like the construction of chemical-pharmaceutical products or the development of headboxes for paper machines. In all these sectors and many others, the low roughness is a great characteristic for clean, sterilized, and deburred components.

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