Tube bending

The tube bending process uses a mechanical force to push a metal tube against a customized die, forcing the metal tube to conform to that specific shape with a fixed or variable radius. At Ricos, this kind of process is made possible thanks to extended machinery intended for the bending process of specific tubes made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and zirconium copper chrome. 

One of our main strengths is our production capacity: we can supply bending tooling components for bending machines, and at the same time, we can provide the tube already bent, supporting our customers during the whole project.

The most relevant element to take into consideration while bending it is the central radius. That needs to be unchanged in comparison with the original diameter of the tube. We also put all our efforts into avoiding the creation of wrinkling and humps, which means a low surface roughness.

The end products result in high-quality items ready to be employed in many different fields:  the taps and fittings industry needs for example perfectly bent tubes for technical and aesthetic reasons, the pharmaceutical industry and the food one need a great bending process with low internal surface roughness for hygiene and medical reasons.


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