Equipment for the welding process

The welding jig

In this long process of welding, welding jigs play a very relevant role. A welding jig is a specific fixture that keeps a welding project stable and ready to be welded.

At RICOS, we design and create the welding jigs that our customers need because we believe in the idea of always find new ways to help companies and welders. The aim is a high-quality product that could achieve better and better results.

Thanks to a long experience in the field, RICOS can supply welding jigs accordingly to our customer’s needs. We support the ideas of our customers, and we collaborate with flexibility and attention directly with them. We work together for preliminary analysis to understand their need. Then, we decide together which productive process suits the specific situation, and we start to design and realize the appropriate welding jig.

Collaboration with the client is fundamental because it allows us to create a welding jig that takes into consideration all elements: the type of welding, the welded products, the working environment, and all the intermediate procedures.


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