Tube welding

Automated welding is a fabrication process that allows two different components to be fused together by means of heat or pressure creating a single final item ready to be used. With the support of professional welders with experience in the process of tube welding, RICOS supplies welded components made of different materials like steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and zirconium copper chrome.

The final product can be achieved through different kinds of welding machines, like the MIG and TIG robotized welding machine, the manual one, or the Oxyacetylene Welding machine. Each one of them allows a different process together with a diverse final result.

In MIG welding, the welder uses a continuous solid wire electrode. This is the solution for really high production rates, high flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

In TIG welding we do not use a wire electrode but the gas employed here it is the Tungsten, a gas that doest not consume itself, realizing high strength welding and a higher aesthetical level.

The welding process needs to be carried out with care and precison. Extensive controls, certified processes, and pressure tests to evaluate the resistance of the welding. Then, we report all welding parameters expected in the WPS (Welding Procedure Specification). Moreover, with the Welding Procedure Qualification Report, we guarantee the trustworthy qualification of our welders.

Tube welding is, for sure, an impressive process that finds application in many sectors: from the taps and fittings industry until the high-pressure industry or the paper one.

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