Components for the pulp and paper industry

Turbulence generator pipes for the headbox

The roughness of the inner surface is the most significant feature for components intended for a paper processing machinery, especially for the headbox. The material used here is cellulose pulp, characterized by high density and elevated risk of flocculation.

With the hydroforming process, we produce components with different features. They can be oval, square, trapezoidal or triangular components as well as ad hoc shapes made to customer specifications. Thanks to the hydroforming process, we can also achieve very narrow radii.

Ricos managed to develop the right processes and tools to ensure the best results using certified 
stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 tubes, putting into action a tracked and controlled process, implementing treatments and machines that allow getting high-quality and cutting-edge components, for example by responding to the specific of sharp edges without burrs.
All these processes are carried out with a surface roughness up to Ra 0.3 µm, with the possibility of an electropolishing or electro-cleaning finish.

Conical diffusor for headboxes

Hose end connector with plate junction made of stainless steel AISI 314. With inner roughness up to Ra 0.6 µm and realized with a forming process from 70 x 85 to Ø 42.

conical diffusor for headbox

Hose end connector with inner roughness up to Ra 0,6 µm and a deformation process from 50 x 60 to Ø 14.

headbox diffusor

Stainless steel headbox diffusor realized with just a deformation process, obtaining an inner roughness up to Ra 0.4 µm. Different transitions are available (from round to triangular deformation, from round to square, from round to rectangular, from round to hexagonal).

headbox diffusor 3 components

Low internal roughness up to Ra 0.4 µm and realized with TIG automated welding.

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