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We work with commercial tubes for a lean and optimized process to realize innovative solutions for different fields.



Multiple stainless steel tubes welded together


Internal surface of a tube after processing


3D laser cutting 5-axis laser cutting on a round tube


Two bent tubes with very tightbanding radii


Tapered and ben tube made og stainless steel


Aluminium frame for folding bike and E-bike through hydroforming

Manufacturing of metal components and production of tooling


After more than 25 years of experience and a constant improvement in the productive processes, RICOS is nowadays one of the international leaders in the manufacturing of tubes made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel.

The lean and optimized internal process and the range of in-house equipment give us the chance to work with tubes with different forms, sections, dimensions, and materials to realize the semi-finished product. Ricos also builds all tooling for all machine ranges to be assembled on most machines for the tube processing. (e.g. tube bending dies, tube tapering dies, welding jigs)

With an innovative machine park and long-standing abilities in the work of tubes, RICOS can provide our clients with a complete and precise service while supporting them even in their most complex projects. We aim to be a support and a reference point.

Some of our sectors

A long-lasting experience acquired over the years, technical knowledge, and a lean process. Thanks to these elements, our products find application in a wide range of sectors where the tube or wire are required.

Aluminium frame for folding bikes and E-bike in the e-mobility industry

Cycling industry // Complex metal frames for folding bikes

Manifolds for gas cylinder bundles in the high-pressure industry compliant with all national and international laws

High-pressure industry // Manifolds for gas cylinder bundles

Stainless steel tube at a high esthetic level for any kind of lamps

Lighting industry // Tubes with a high aesthetic level

Part of a tap made of stainless steel used in the taps and fittings industry

Taps and fittings industry // Taps and mixers

Stainless steel tubes realized fot the headbox in a paper maschine in the pulp and paper industry

Pulp and paper industry // Headbox

Stainless steel tube for the the food and beverage industry with the need of hygiene

Food industry // Special tubes for food and beverages

A trustworthy partnership


The presence of a department fully involved in the Research and Development allows the transformation from any kind of project to the desired form. A unique opportunity for designers, research centers, university departments, and people who want to give shape to their ideas and realize their new projects.

All stages are under constant control during the whole process, from the initial analysis to the prototype until the final production. In this way, the product can be up to the expectations and reflect the attention we place into our production processes.

Manufacture all tubes into the desired shape, use our expertise every day in everything we do, develop and test new projects, deliver the product up to date. We commit daily to these cornerstones, in what we do and in the products we supply. We strongly believe in the ongoing research, quality, and passion that always drives us in doing what we like the most: win all our challenges and meet the requirements of our clients.


The high quality of the raw materials ensures a great final item.


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