3D Laser Cutting

Within our company, different solutions are available for the laser cutting of metal tubes or sheets.  

In addition to the 2D tube laser cutting and the sheet laser cutting machine, a new innovative machine for the 3D tube laser cutting has been recently introduced. The 3D laser cutting machine can replace all the usual processing to process the final product in a single work circle while improving productivity and saving time and money.

In the 3D laser cutting process (also called 5-axis tube laser cutting), the machine can work all day long without manual feeding: the robot can automatically take care of loading and unloading and then cutting off the tube.

The features of this process are many and all advantageous:

  • Minimum investment in tools: the robot used in the 3D laser cutting allows to maximize precision and optimize time production. The robot repositions the part in space, eliminating the need for manual repositioning and reconfiguration of the fixed jigs. With the configuration of the gripping position of the robot with the innovative support system quickly and easily.
  • Guaranteed repeatability: once programmed, the cutting positions are repeatable and the result is constantly accurate and repeatable.
  • The chance of cutting any tube, regardless of the form and the material, allows expanding the creative possibilities.
  • Increased productivity: the completely robotized process increases productivity and decreases loading and unloading time.

The result of this process is an impeccable, precise cut with smooth, deburred edges. Moreover, the cut part does not deform.

The flexibility, versatility and convenience of 3D laser cutting allow the development of new technical and cutting-edge solutions for different kinds of industries: automotive, motorcycle, industrial vehicles, furnishing sector, the aerospace industry. 

If you want to receive more information about our tube 3D laser cutting service or a personalized quote, send us your requests using the form below, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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